About Dazzle

Our Mission

We’re on a mission!

  1. Create radically happy clients
  2. Build a positive and rewarding workplace
  3. Be thoughtful and gentle with our environment
  4. Actively engage and support our community
  5. Be profitable

We’re So Gay

We say we’re gay because many of us are, but more importantly, we say we’re gay because being part of the LGBTQIA community is a disadvantaged position locally and globally. Violent hate crimes against members of our community happen in this city. It is possible that a trans or gay person living in a repressive community will see or hear of a company like ours and this might be a window into a world that they don’t know. It might be surprising, exciting or a relief to them.

We’re So Green

We are green because we deeply care about the effects of climate change and of more generalized environmental degradation. By using mostly natural ingredients to make our own cleaning supplies we are reducing the amount of plastic that we consume as well as the amount of fossil fuels that are burned to produce and ship those supplies to us. Our homemade cleaning products are mostly made of water, vinegar, mineral oil, essential oils, baking soda and baking powder and we use diluted bleach water when necessary. We’ve swapped out plastic bags for compostable bags and ditched paper towels in favor of reusable cleaning cloths. Do you have ideas to make us greener? We’re eager to hear them!

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