The Dream Team

Logan Taylor

Owner & Founder

When Logan isn’t cleaning he’s obsessing over how to build a better cleaning service or listening to NPR. Logan is fascinated by Public Health, Building Healthy Communities and Responsible Capitalism. Learning how to bring these ideas together is exceptionally fun!


Designer & Cleaner Extraordinaire

Babette is a fashion designer by day, and a good friend of Logan’s, which is why when she isn’t producting Seattle’s Hottest Hats and making Clear Coated Rainwear, she creates all of our visual branding.


Cleaner Extraordinaire

Reese recently completed her BA in Social Work! Congratulations, Reese! Reese works as a nanny and for Dazzle. Reese’s favorite cleaning supply is a q-tip.


Rocket Scientist & Cleaner Extraordinaire

It’s true, we do have a Rocket Scientist on staff! When Nic isn’t in Redmond building rockets he stays up late helping Logan make all natural cleaning supplies and spreadsheets.


Cleaner Extraordinaire

Ryan spends his summers fighting fires and white water rafting! But in the off season he cleans with abandon! Ryan is speedy and thorough!


Cleaner Extraordinaire

Eli is an excellent home cleaner who never misses the details!


Cleaner Extraordinaire

Angel studied Early Childhood Development and Childcare Administration. She went on to own and operate 4 Star Licensed Childcare. She later went on to own and operate a cleaning business servicing both upscale estates and small business offices. Angel’s favorite cleaning project is when she gets to work with Real Estate agents to prepare homes to be bought to sold. Angel is currently studying for her real estate license.


Cleaner Extraordinaire

Jack spent 7 years in the navy and is now studying biology. Jack will go on to puruse a career in medicine.


Cleaner Extraordinaire

When Kristina isn’t dazzling homes all over Seattle she is working on building her plant service business.

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